Table of Contents

The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview

Part I – Introduction to Science Faith Issues

Chapter 1 – Science and Worldviews — designed to help students to discern the difference between worldviews and scientific information. Sample Exercises


Sample Chapter


Chapter 2 – Science and Faith: Two Approaches for Understanding the World — investigates the scientific method, critical thinking, the process of faith, and the search for truth from both a scientific and religious perspective. Sample Exercises

Chapter 3 – Science and Faith: Four Interactions — presents four views of the relationship between science and faith, encouraging students towards dialogue and integration relationships. Sample Exercises

Chapter 4 – Exposing the Conflicts: Scientists, Christians, and Human Attitudes — investigates perceived conflicts between science and faith and the attitudes that deserve to be questioned on both sides. Sample Exercises

Chapter 5 – Tips and Tools for Sound Arguments — provides a guide for helping students make logical arguments while avoiding common logical fallacies, enabling them to defend their faith with sound reasoning. Sample Exercises

Part II – Astronomy as a Discipline

Chap. 1 – History of Astronomy (Science & Faith Session)
Chap. 2 – The Sky: Constellations and the Motions of Objects in the Sky
Chap. 3 – Telescopes and Light
Chap. 4 – The Origin of the Solar System
Chap. 5 – The Sun
Chap. 6 – Mercury
Chap. 7 – Venus: Earth Gone Wrong
Chap. 8 – Earth

Part I – Earth: The Goldilocks Planet
Part II – Earth’s Satellite: The Moon
Part III – The Earth-Sun-Moon System

Chap. 9 – Mars: The Red Planet
Chap. 10 – Jupiter
Chap. 11 – Saturn: The Ringed World
Chap. 12 – Uranus
Chap. 13 – Neptune
Chap. 14 – Small Bodies in the Solar System
Chap. 15 – Extrasolar Planets
Chap. 16 – The Birth of Stars
Chap. 17 – The Nature and the Lives of Stars
Chap. 18 – The Death of Stars

Part I: Low to Intermediate Mass Stars
Part II: High Mass Stars


Sample Chapter


Chap. 19 – Our Galaxy: The Milky Way
Chap. 20 – Galaxies
Chap. 21 – The Large Scale Structure of the Universe
Chap. 22 – Cosmology (Science & Faith Session)
Chap. 23 – Life in the Universe (Science & Faith Session)
Chap. 24 – A Universe Fine-Tuned for Life (Science & Faith Session)


1 – How Astronomers Know the Age of the Universe
2 – Biblical Interpretations of Genesis
3 – The Broad Spectrum of Origin Beliefs
4 – The Star of Bethlehem
5 – Why Astrology is not a Science
6 – Bible Verses about the Universe