This a non-comprehensive list of resources that we provide for students and parents to consider. By including an item, we do not necessarily endorse all of the content, but we do suggest that it may be relevant for some of the discussions found in our materials.

Educational Resources

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Hubble Space Telescope Educational Website
(includes images, videos, and Hubble discoveries)

NASA Website
(includes images and videos, information about NASA and NASA missions)

Planet Quest
A NASA website about exoplanets.

Space Math
A NASA website with many math problems applied to astronomy subjects.

Solar Dynamics Observatory
A NASA site with incredible images and videos of the Sun.

Science & Faith Resources


Dr. Michael Strauss great videos and blog posts on science & faith.

An inspiring sermon by Louie Giglio with beautiful astronomical images.

Test of Faith video. Produced by the Faraday Institute.

Debates between Christian apologists and atheists organized by the Fixed Point Foundation.


Reasons to Believe – Christian ministry founded by astronomer and apologist Hugh Ross. It has many resources of DVDs, books, and articles on science and faith.

CRU – a high school ministry

American Scientific Affiliation – A network of professional scientists who are Christians. Even though some of the articles, videos and other resources may be too technical for high school students, it can be inspiring for students who would like to pursue a career in science.

Intervarsity – campus ministry

The Veritas Forum – events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the modern relevance of Jesus Christ. Typically on college campuses.