The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview is a textbook designed to be a resource for the Christian community (for both the home school environment and Christian schools) to teach Astronomy and to introduce students to the science and faith dialog.

Statistics show that a large number of students who claim to be Christians abandon their faith during their college years. While there may be many reasons for this sad abandonment of faith, research shows that confusion about science and faith issues play an important role in this outcome.

The motivation of the authors in writing this textbook is to change the statistics mentioned above by preparing students to engage in courteous and thoughtful dialogue with respect to science and faith issues. They also seek to equip students to defend their faith with sound reasoning and confidence while they learn about the remarkable science of astronomy.

This textbook is unique. It was written by professional Christian astronomers who are also active professionals in college and university environments. They are familiar with the challenges students face during their college years, and the ways in which their faith is tested.

The authors attempted to produce a curriculum that is scientifically rigorous.  A significant number of professional Christian astronomers were involved in the chapter revisions and interviews.  This curriculum is designed to help students to face a secular environment with confidence by giving them the tools to better relate and integrate what they believe with what they learn about in science.

This one year curriculum contains two parts. Part I is an introduction to the science and faith dialog while Part II focus on teaching astronomy as a scientific discipline. The textbook also encourages the search for truth in every area and promotes dialogue and integration between science and faith while also being grounded in a Christian worldview, where God is the Author, Creator, and Designer of this mind-boggling and awesome universe. The textbook includes many interviews with professional Christian astronomers that will certainly inspire and encourage students and parents alike. Their testimonies are living evidence that one can excel in a scientific career and be a committed follower of Jesus.