Introduction to the Science & Faith Dialogue

It is no secret that Christianity is losing its influence in our culture and young adults are leaving the church at alarming rates. In order to effectively engage our increasingly secularized world, training in apologetics is not optional, science cannot be ignored. Mentors and educators ought to teach discernment about philosophical agendas of our culture, invite and encourage questions and skepticism, and show that Christianity stands up to scrutiny. Churches and Christian colleges should be safe places to express doubt and raise tough questions.

This Introduction to the Science & Faith Dialogue was born out of a desire to equip future generations with confidence to face the secular world by giving them the tools to better relate what they believe with what they learn from science. This book can be used in different settings such as young adult small groups, Sunday School classes and as supplementary material for Astronomy courses at Christian universities. It is our hope that this book will equip young adults to defend their faith with sound reasoning and to engage in thoughtful dialogue concerning contemporary scientific discoveries.